Welcome to the 2016 EDENS Retail Challenge

At EDENS, we're committed to finding innovative and disruptive ways of doing things. Because nowhere is this more vital than in the changing world of retail, we're sponsoring our annual EDENS Retail Challenge. We invite the country's most passionate entrepreneurs to pitch a retail concept to a panel of industry leaders, and walk away with the funding and mentorship to make the idea a reality

Congratulations to Rhoback, our 2016 WINNERS!

Rhoback is a stylish, high-end brand of activewear for ‘preppy’ men. Appropriately, the company gets its name from the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a high-energy dog, and captivated our audience with an engaging, fun and sound presentation that detailed their plan to develop a brand that caters to men who crave activity. Matt Loftus and Kristina Zambelli represent UVA’s Darden School of Business - the first time we’ve had a Virginia winner!



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